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Gift Box

Click 'N' Print is engaged in the design and can produce high quality packaging products. We distribute our products to all over the world. Our passion is to create unique packaging for who is seeking exquisite design in the market. Please contact us for more information on the product and pricing.


This box was inspired by Chinese wooden wardrobe, two handles on the front, latch in the center tied with tassels at end with classic red paint and gold embossment.

This box is simple but elegant design. Turkish blue is always the designer's favor color, when it goes with matt brown, it brighten up the blue color right away.

This box is created for the coming "moon festival" for moon cake packaging in mainland China. Peony is my favor flower, especially in pink color, when peony meets pearlized paper, it gives more value for the digital image and also the inside contain.

This box is inspired by lunch box wrapping idea from Japan. In Japan, many people like to use soft cloth to wrap up the food as a gift, so the inspiration of this box is coming from this Japanese cultural custom. Now we are using hard boxes instead of soft cloth.

This box was inspired by the designer's nephew, when he was looking for a specific candy in the candy box. The internal box can be turned around, with three dividers. The kids can put their favor candy or gift in the box and see through from the transparent window.

This box is for jewelry display and was created in year 2007 after Paris trip. While the designer was in Paris outside the Louvre museum, she saw the famous triangular glass roof, that was how the design began. Purple satin with ironed Swarovski crystal pattern, like falling stars drop on the Pyramids in the darkest night.

This box was created in year 2002 the idea was from the designer's India trip in the beginning of that year. Silk with tassels are designer's favorite combination.

The designer cannot recall when this idea came from, but she was sure the lid was ideally created from a "diamond cut" with silky feeling of the surface. This box looks very easy and simple to create, but it was rarely difficult when we are making it, especially the lid parts. The surface is not "flat" and when you glue the lid, you can't really put the pressure on it, and yet it also difficult to assemble the acetate window on the top, but at end we made it!